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There’s a little bit of kqool® in Everyone!

The kqool® fitness lifestyle can sometimes be categorized as a unique group of people who practice strange exercise regimes. They are looked upon as weird, or persons eager to prove to themselves or others they are better than the next.

I founded kqool® many years ago with the notion to find a ‘little bit of kqool® in everyone’. One can imagine that it has a unique definition within each lifestyle. For those you might see pushing themselves above and beyond, I found are driven by the energy and motivation that they can do more. They are eager to equip themselves with strength, ability and knowledge which I call: leverage.

As trainer I pride myself for the gift of honing in on the greater of their weakest link first, and later determine any emotional attachments to that link. In most cases it’s usually a huge opinion formulated by misinformation of what is a healthy link or not so healthy. I also found that every household has a vastly different interpretation of weak and healthy.

Despite many ideals, I use a person’s weaker link in their current health to fuel a kqool® awareness to challenge them, their beliefs and match it with their abilities. The real advantage is challenging oneself before someone or something else does.

Maybe it’s a good idea to survey your own weakness. It might not be as weak as you mentally empower it to be. The kqool® lifestyle change is not a diet, it’s not a workout, and certainly not a fad. It simply is your daily affirmation to “Feel good, Look good!”.

-Andrew McCreary